Visitor’s book

This is a place where visitors can leave links to their websites, SNS accounts, and music. I created this page because I felt like I was doing all the work in trying to discover new musicians and music.

If you happen to be visiting my website and think that I might be interested in your ideas, writing, or music, you can leave a comment on this page. It’s a way to promote yourself to me and to any other visitors to this page.



  • Link to specific tracks or videos, not albums or portfolios.
  • Link to what you think is your best work. I’d love to know which pieces you’re most proud of.
  • Link to any platforms on which you are active. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can link to.
  • Try to keep the subjects of your links focused on listening to or creating music.

Please don’t:

  • Link to more than three pieces of your music.
  • Link to anything which isn’t mostly about music. If I click a link and see that 50% of  the content is about celebrity gossip/politics/recipes, I won’t read it. I won’t read it if it’s only vaguely related to music, either, such as a blog dedicated to what musicians wear.
  • Link to anything you didn’t make or participate in.
  • Write a long comment explaining your musical philosophy/influences/life story.
  • Include images in your comment.

Questions and answers:

  • What happens if I write a comment which is guilty of anything in the ‘Please don’t’ list?
    • I won’t approve it. If you did it by accident, though, don’t worry, because you can always write another comment.
  • Can I write more than one self-promoting comment here?
    • No. If you already have a self-promoting comment here, no new self-promoting comments written by you will get approved. You can still write replies to the comments of other visitors, but please try to keep it short.
  • What do I do if I’d like to edit or delete my comment?
    • I know that doesn’t allow anyone to change the comments he’s left on someone else’s website. I didn’t like the system, so I devised a workaround.
      If you’d like to edit or delete your comment, please use the contact form on the ‘Contact’ page. In the ‘Subject’ field, you’ll see the option ‘A request to edit or delete a comment’. Select it and send me the request to revise or remove your comment. This way, you can keep any links you post here up-to-date.
  • Will you read or listen to everything linked to in the comments here?
    • I can’t promise that I’ll read or listen to everything (that depends on how many comments I get), but I’ll try.

Thanks for stopping by!

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