Opus 3

I’ve talked before about the parallels that I share with other creative people. Today was a day for experiencing another one of those, it seems. Crystal, a musician far more diligent than I am, was on a break for a while, focusing on her life and her faith. And just when I was telling myself that the moment for me to end my break was coming, she wrote a post announcing her return! Hmm.

But back to writing and composing. In good news (for a change), I managed to make the final deadline for the Short Sounds Film Festival. ‘Into Winter‘ is officially in competition! Supposedly, they’ll get back to me by the 1st October, but I know how these things can get delayed (especially in the UK). We’ll see. I actually haven’t got my hopes up, and I fully expect to be rejected. My submission was intended as more of a learning experience.

As for the music I’ve been enjoying recently, my third piece is influenced by Celtic music, so in theory, I should have been listening to that genre – if I were a diligent composer. But instead, of course, I ended up listening to something else entirely: Christmas carols. There’s something about their melodies which is magical; I think carols have some of the most charming, memorable musical phrases in the world. They press all of my melody-loving buttons. There’s a lot to be learnt there.

My Witcher 3 addiction is far from over, too. Sometimes, I get caught up in powerful addictions which burn out and become nothing – I don’t think this is going to be one of those. I’m going to be listening to those dark, witching soundtracks for the rest of my life. Not that I’m complaining!

It feels as though I’ve spent a very long time away from this blog, but in reality, the duration of my absence was shorter than the 3 months between my first piece and my second, ‘Into Winter’. How strange – I could’ve sworn that it wasn’t so. Perhaps my third piece isn’t that tardy after all? Though I should still get a move on to prevent Opus 3 coming in 4 months after Opus 2.

Oh, and I got 2 new followers at about midnight – even when I hadn’t been writing here for weeks. I don’t know how that happened, but thank you, I suppose?

2 thoughts on “Opus 3

  1. Yay! So glad you made the deadline for the competition. Can’t wait to see the results, though like you said it’ll be a learning experience nevertheless.

    I get those sorts of music kicks too, mine lately have been to listen to Gospel music, because I really want to try and expand my know how in that genre. I found some Celtic style music while looking for old Gospel, which was really interesting hearing some old hymns in the Celtic genre. I feel like it’s pretty normal to genre bounce when you write music because your brain is always thinking of the next thing you want to compose!


    • I’m glad I made the deadline, too. It’s one thing to get rejected after you submit your music and quite another to fail because you didn’t submit in time!

      I never know where my musical preferences will bounce to next. And I’m looking forward to hearing some Gospel influences in your original music – I think you might be strong in that genre because of the strength of your faith. Good luck, Crystal.


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