Opus 3

For those wondering about my long radio-silence, I haven’t given up on composing. After some busy weeks spent tending to the affairs in my life, I’m now trying to get back onto the creative wagon.

My composing skills seem to have rusted in the fortnight or so in which I haven’t used them, which just confirms that improving as an artist is like getting in shape – for the best results, exercise regularly. I have all of these axioms on creativity which I know I have to follow but which I never do. Ugh.

I’ve started composing with speakers. I think I prefer it to composing with my headphones on – the music sounds more open and natural. But it’s also made me realise that getting a mix which sounds good on a variety of playback devices is fiendishly difficult. Presently, my music sounds quite good on my speakers but terrible through my headphones. Music made by professionals never seems to have this problem, for some reason. Hmm.

I missed the regular deadline for the Short Sounds Film Festival. I’ll make the late deadline – 3rd September. By then, I should have completed both my revised version of ‘Into Winter‘ and my third piece, so I’ll have two tracks to choose from.

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