Opus 3

What I did in the past few days:

  • For the second time, I decided what my third piece is going to be. Opus 3 will be a song (female vocals, no lyrics) with themes of ‘priestess’, ‘love’, and ‘seashore’. It has no title yet, but the composing is going very smoothly. The song sounds melodic (a definite must for me) and pseudo-Celtic. I can’t wait to hear it once it’s finished.
  • I learnt of a soundtrack/film-music competition which will be held at a festival in the UK in October. An organiser of the event replied to my tweet of ‘Into Winter‘ telling me that my music was good and that I should submit it. I thought he was just trying to promote the festival at first, but he left another comment confirming that he’d actually listened to my piece, and now, I’m thinking that I might submit ‘Into Winter’. What harm could it do, aside from the application fee I’ll have to pay?
  • I got alarmed at rumours that SoundCloud is about to die. If you look at the comments in the post I linked to, you’ll see that many redditors seem ecstatic at this news, citing a plague of fake accounts (bots) and a badly-designed app as their main frustrations with SoundCloud. So far, I’ve had few problems with bots and haven’t used the app, so the impending doom of this platform is not entirely welcome news for me.
    I suppose it’s time to start uploading to YouTube, although I’d hoped to continue using SoundCloud for a while yet as it allows users to replace their uploaded files while keeping likes and comments. YouTube doesn’t seem interested in implementing that feature.

Opus 3

I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this one.

I decided to go ahead and use the ‘self-plagiarising’ melody exactly as it is after I asked the musicians of reddit for advice and was told that I was overthinking it.

Things went well for a while. I even wrote another post on reddit thanking the people who had responded to my last post because my composing was going so smoothly. But since then, I’ve become stuck.

I spent about 90 minutes trying to flesh out the ‘bare bones’ version (which is more or less finished) of ‘Follow Me’ before I realised that everything I’d just added sounded wrong. I deleted almost all of the work I’d done. And then I noticed something far more troubling than self-plagiarism: a section of ‘Follow Me’ sounds like real plagiarism.

So now, I’m trying to change the part that sounds worryingly familiar. Once that’s done, I’ll have to start adding instrumentation, but I don’t mind admitting that I haven’t the foggiest on how to go about it. ‘Follow Me’ is determined to give me an uphill struggle.

While I’m stuck and fuming, I’m venting some of my frustration by snipping away at the workload on some of my other pending compositions. I’m getting quite fond of the one with the theme of ‘sword fight’; I’m toying with the idea of coming up with a title for it.