Opus 3

My current goals for my third composition:

  • Capture—or rather, hold onto and heighten—the feeling of liquid, irrational, blissful creativity. I’ve been struck by how my recent musical discoveries have so much flow. I’ve spent hours swaying and dreaming to that flow. Now, I’d like to capture it and put it into my own music. I know it can be done. All I need to do is stop thinking and dream.
  • Try to avoid a long introduction. I chose to begin ‘Into Winter‘, my second piece, with a half-minute piano part because I thought it sounded meaningful. But now I’m starting to think that it was too much of an introduction and less of an integrated, functional part of the music. Enough of that. Instead of an introduction with clearly-defined borders, I’m going to dive into the music but build up towards the climax (the main melody). After all, everybody loves a good build-up.
  • Actively listen to a large number of pieces in similar genres to improve my arranging skills. I’m serious. I don’t want to listen to any more of my music and wish that someone else had written the percussion for me. Progress starts now. It won’t happen overnight, but this is where it’s going to begin.
  • Balance the dynamics throughout the piece. That means that I want quieter bars and notes interchanging with louder ones to keep things from getting boring. I did use some dynamics in my second piece, but the dynamic changes were done in big blocks. I’m aiming for more finesse with my third piece. (This goal is the one I’m least confident in achieving.)
  • As ever, stay true to my chosen themes (leading, following, and trust). Soundtracks make the world go round.

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