Opus 3

I’ve made my decision. My third composition will be ‘Follow Me’, an orchestral/New Age piece with themes of leading, following, and trust. (And yes, that is the official title.)

My reasons? I listened to the melodic ideas I’ve saved over the past few months, and I realised that I’ve accumulated more material for ‘Follow Me’ than I thought I had. Also—and this is quite important—I have this gut feeling that this is the right time for this piece. It fits the emotional phase I’m going through, and I recently discovered some music which I think will serve as good inspiration. ‘Follow Me’ is begging me to take the plunge and start making it.

I just created a new project-file in Reaper. Opus 3 is officially in production!

There are plenty of boxes I have to tick before I can hear even a ‘bare bones’ version of my third piece, though. Despite the considerable amount of melodic material I currently have, there are still gaps which need to be filled. Also, I don’t have a clear vision of how this piece will be structured. With ‘Into Winter‘, I knew what the beginning, middle, and end would be very early on, before I opened my DAW. That’s not the case with this one. Maybe the lack of a pre-defined structure is a good thing and will allow for more originality and flexibility. Maybe not.

I’m off to do some musical ruminating (again). Personal growth is just around the corner. I can smell a composing adventure in the air.

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