Opus 3

What I did today:

  • I finally took the time to track down and follow all the people I know on all the platforms they use. It’s something that I’ve been reminding myself to do for a long time.
  • At about 2 a.m., I had a sudden onslaught of musical ideas. The good news is that I got some free ideas. The bad news is that none of those ideas seem to expand on any of my pending compositions. It’s really hard to complete an idea for a piece purely through inspiration; toil is essential.
  • I visited reddit for a week in a row. I’m really spending a lot of time there now. It’s become a habit of mine to just drop in and see what other redditors are talking about on music-related subreddits. I’ve discovered a lot of juicy tips by doing this.
  • I compiled a list of the most useful articles and posts that I’ve found and put it on a new page titled ‘Advice for composers‘.
  • I hesitated over which piece I’ll compose next. I keep wanting to make the one themed ‘forest’ which is insane because I want that piece to be really, really good. Actually, I’m leaning towards the one based on ‘leading’ as well. Maybe I’ll choose that one after all, after I’ve spent a chunk of time making it sound less similar to ‘Into Winter‘. We’ll see!

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