Opus 3

What do I compose next? ‘Into Winter‘ is, for the moment, finished. I mentioned a long time ago that I feel like a cashier serving a long line of shoppers. I have too many ideas for compositions floating around in my head; I can count five for orchestral music and two for J-pop, making for a total of seven.

I’ll delay the J-pop songs because I don’t have the right VST to produce them. After receiving some feedback assuring me that my orchestral compositions are indeed improving, I’m not in the mood to spend time and money taking a detour into pop-song territory. I want to continue my winning streak in orchestral music—I’d like to place myself on a roll, see how far I can get.

So which orchestral piece do I choose? Being a great lover of soundtracks, I have themes or settings for all of my music. For my second piece, it was ‘winter’; the subjects of my pending orchestral-compositions are ‘forest’, ‘leading’, ‘seashore’, ‘sword fight’, and ‘Roman senator’.

‘Forest’ is based on ideas I’ve had for a long time, and I want it to be spectacular. I won’t do it yet because I lack experience. ‘Leading’ would be my choice if the main melody didn’t sound similar to a part of ‘Into Winter’. If I chose to compose it now, I’d only be plagiarising myself, but I’d prefer not to do that for reasons of pride. I’ll wait and see if I can think of a way to change the melody while keeping the emotion.

‘Seashore’, ‘sword fight’, or ‘Roman senator’ it is, then. Unfortunately, none of these three ideas are complete—that means that I don’t know how they’ll sound in their entirety. I’ll do some musical ruminating to see which one is most willing to let me fill in its gaps; after that, I’ll make my choice.

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