Opus 2 ‘Into Winter’


Into Winter

Date of completion

16th June 2017, KST

Behind the title

I titled this piece ‘Into Winter’ because when I listen to it, I see a team of brave adventurers heading into a land of eternal winter to face the dangerous Snow Queen (the real one, not the fake Disney one). Cheesy, I know.

I chose this title after dismissing more outlandish candidates such as ‘Winter’s Realm’ or even ‘The Lair of the Snow Queen’. I’m trying to maintain a streak of making tasteful titles for epic music.


Various orchestral-music composers, such as Thomas Bergersen and Shikata Akiko.

The two cracks at 1:16 and 1:57 were plundered from inspired directly by the Reunion Tracks version of ‘One-Winged Angel’, composed by Uematsu Nobuo.

What I learnt from composing it

  • For the best results, compose slowly and thoroughly.

  • I like my second piece much more than my first. I hope that means that I’ve grown as a composer.

  • When composing the left-hand notes of a piano part, less is more.

  • I need to expand my knowledge of instruments.

  • Effort can’t give a composer everything. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, certain notes will refuse to sound perfect, and you’ll have to settle for second best.

What I’m most proud of

  • The middle and climax (from 1:16 onwards) actually sound pretty good to my ears. Or at least they will until I become disillusioned with them!

  • I’ve already said this in a blog post, but ‘Into Winter’ represents where I stand as a composer, for both good and bad. Unlike with my first piece, ‘Onwards‘, I’ve given this composition my all.


If, for some reason, you’d like to read about the whole sordid journey behind this composition, please use the following links (ordered chronologically):


© 2017 Mirinae.
All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Opus 2 ‘Into Winter’

  1. Original Snow Queen is best Snow Queen.

    I really enjoyed this! You’ve improved so much just from your first piece to this one. This one sound a lot more polished, both mixing and arrangement wise and loved the dynamics in this (really liked the bells added in the later parts) and the sound effects you threw in really complimented the piece. I definitely got a Snow Queen/Winter vibe from this, great job!


    • ‘You’ve improved’—those are the magic words that I wanted to hear. Thanks for making my day.

      I’m so glad it sounds like winter! I thought it sounded like winter, but I didn’t know if it would sound that way to others. I played this piece to a Korean friend of mine a few days ago, and she said the overall mood sounded ‘bright’. That got me panicking; I was going for ‘ominous’.

      I like the bells, too. Heehee.


  2. I must admit that this wasn’t what I expected from the title – and that’s entirely a good thing! For some reason I expected something more like you might find accompanying a stereotypical action movie trailer and, at least for me, you subverted that false expectation. I think this is in part because “Into Winter,” for me, better defines the word ‘epic’ than it is typically used. Instead of showing epic-ness as people looking cool while doing the impossible, ‘Into Winter’ shows epic as there being a grand story to be told of which this is only a part.

    As far as the winter aesthetic goes, you did very well. Personally, I also get a slight sense of foreboding from the piece as well. I think this adds to the sense of story: the adventurers are bravely going into the realm of the Snow Queen, but they know it won’t be an easy time.

    The length is just right and nothing in the piece sticks around too long. I must also add my affirmation that you’ve shown lots of great improvement in this piece and I look forward to hearing what you add to new pieces as you continue composing. There is a lot of really good work put into this piece and if I were to have one suggestion it’s that you keep building on what you’ve gained here!

    As a final thought, even if or when the disillusionment comes for “Into Winter,” it might be helpful to look back not at the successes or flaws you might see but see the pieces as a milestone or a step that helped you get to where you are then.

    Great job and best of luck!


    • Now you’ve made me feel embarrassed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for those kind words. They make me feel a lot better about the fact that, so far, ‘Into Winter’ has only been played 7 times.

      You have no idea how happy you’ve made me. Reading your comment, I feel like you know exactly what I was going for: storytelling, a wintry atmosphere, and an ominous feeling. I know that neither the arrangement nor mix are perfect, but according to you, I still succeeded in delivering the most important things.

      I’m glad that you agree that it was a good decision not to add another minute to ‘Into Winter’. I’m also glad that you think I’ve improved since I composed my first piece. I try to tell myself that everything will be fine as long as I keep composing and keep improving.

      Just in case you’re interested, the Hanakisou soundtrack by Shikata Akiko has some tracks which feel like good storytelling. The soundtrack is very little-known, and I’m quite upset about that, but it’s still wonderful.

      Tracks from Hanakisou‘s soundtrack:


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