SoundTeMP – 월하연서 (Wolhayeonseo)


An Oriental ballad with a strong melody and epic undertones. Used in the trailer of the Korean RPG 천랑열전 (Cheollangyeoljeon).


Pop ballad and K-pop.


Lush, romantic, and Oriental.

My favourite part

From 0:52 to 1:19, especially the last few notes near the end.


I don’t like the instrumental introduction. It sounds cheesy and fake.

Similar music

None. I can’t think of any songs similar to this that I actually like. There are plenty of Oriental-themed pop ballads out there, but most of them have subpar melodies.


  • only available for streaming on YouTube
  • not available as a digital download, free or otherwise
  • not available for purchase as a CD
  • Don’t you hate it when this happens?

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