Opus 2

I’ve been making a shopping list. There are so many things I have to buy, and as usual, my problems have decided to trouble me all at once.

The thing is, I want to put lots of instruments and sound effects in ‘Into Winter’. Most of the sound effects can be found online for free, but a library of bells is proving difficult to find. I’m not looking for small bells; I want the big kind that churches have. I thought EastWest’s Composer Cloud would have them, but I don’t think it does.

So I went looking for a free bell VST and didn’t find one—but I found a wonderful VST named ‘Toll’ which is available for about 50 euros, or 60000 won. I know I’m going to buy it because the demos sound wonderful, and I adore the sound of bells; I can definitely see myself using this VST again after I finish my second piece.

Meanwhile, my free trial of Reaper is running out. I know that Reaper allows users without a license to continue using the program after the 60-day trial, but I’d really like to buy a license to support the developers. Ideally, I’d buy the license before my trial runs out, so my conscience will be clear. The discounted license for Reaper is priced at 60 USD, which is about 67000 won.

But that’s not all. I’m getting fed up with Reaper freezing often. Of course, it’s not Reaper that’s the problem; my VST of choice is Hollywood Orchestra which is a massive library. I didn’t meet the minimum hardware requirements for my VST, so the regular freezing comes as no surprise, but it’s still unwelcome.

It’s time for a RAM upgrade. I’m not the most tech-savvy woman in the world, so it’ll require some research and planning, but it should be possible. I don’t know how much RAM I’ll buy, but the specifications page for Hollywood Orchestra states that I should have at least 8 GB. 8 GB of RAM is about 70000 won, and 4 GB is about 35000 won. And people told me that RAM was cheap!

I can’t buy all three things at once, so I’ll have to prioritise. I’ll probably end up buying either Toll or more RAM first. It’s probably wiser to buy the RAM before buying Toll. It would make running Toll easier.

4 thoughts on “Opus 2

  1. Right there with you with the shopping list – I have one that keep son growing as I find things, and now I will be adding this bell ST to it. Have been wanting a good bell VST as well, and that’s a pretty reasonable price.

    I run my stuff on 4 GB of ram, so totally get you with that as well. Hope you get to upgrade it soon so you have easier times running things! I’ve had m computer crash and corrupt files more times than I’d like to admit because of low ram haha.


    • I just found out that my computer will support up to 16 GB of RAM if I want it to. I’m definitely going to buy more RAM first. I’m so sick of saving changes to my project and waiting with bated breath to see if Reaper will crash.

      I’m glad that you like the bell VST! I think the price is reasonable, too. If you think about it, samples of large bells are probably one of the most difficult to record because big bells can’t be manufactured easily. 50 euros isn’t bad at all.


  2. In most orchestras they use chimes, sometimes called tubular bells, to recreate the sound of church bells. That’s probably the closest thing sound-wise to the large bells you’ll find in EW composer cloud as far as I’m aware. But, chimes are limited in range and may not be the sound you’re looking for.


    • I didn’t know that. I’ll take a look to see if Composer Cloud offers tubular bells, but I’ve already decided to buy Toll as well; it seems like such a beautiful VST.

      One of these days I’ll really have to sit down and read a book about orchestras. Thank you for the tip!


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