Opus 2

It’s strange how the more time I spend on my second composition, the less I like my first. When I’d just finished my first piece, I was ecstatic about it. But less than a week into writing my second piece, ‘Into Winter’, I’ve lost about 20% of my enthusiasm for the melody of ‘Onwards‘ and more than 70% of what I had for its arrangement. I don’t know if that means that I’ve progressed as a composer or that I’m just insecure.

Conversely, I’ve been falling in love with ‘Into Winter’ so swiftly that it’s overwhelming. I think it’s going to turn out to become my best work so far, which isn’t saying much (out of a total of two pieces), but I feel thrilled every time I listen to it. I think it might even be, um, professional. (I feel embarrassed for having written that.) I love the melodies I’ve come up with, and I like the images that they conjure up in my head. I also took Crystal‘s advice and set up strong reverb and delay, and it’s done wonders for making the MIDI items sound like real music.

No ideas for a deadline yet, though. I’d hazard a guess at sometime after mid-April, but I’m genuinely busy at the moment, and it’s too soon to tell.

After buying a ticket to Ludovico Einaudi’s first concert in Korea, I was hungry for more concerts, and I spent some time browsing the internet and came up with a game-music concert which will be held in May. I’m looking forward to it because I like game music, but I’m not as excited as I could be because the main focus of the concert appears to be Korean game-music, whereas nearly all of my most beloved game-music pieces are from Japan. I’ll take what I can get, though, and at just 60000 won per ticket for the best seats, the prices aren’t half bad. I’m definitely going.

2 thoughts on “Opus 2

  1. Liking your next piece more than your first definitely means your growing as an artist because your style is evolving. I know that happened to me when I wrote my first original work. I still like my first original, but the last one I did I love because I can just tell how much I’ve grown as an artist with that one. Really need to get back to writing originals though, haven’t done so in about a year ^^;

    Glad to hear the reverb and delay are working well for you! Those and chorus effects are my favorite things to play around with, so much fun haha.


    • I’m a bit startled that it happened so quickly. I thought I’d like ‘Onwards’ for at least a month before I became disillusioned with it. It makes me wonder what I’ll think of the music I’m composing now ten years later.

      I actually don’t know what chorus effects are; I’ll have to look into that. Maybe I can use them to improve the chorus in ‘Onwards’. Good luck with your original music, Crystal. I’ll listen to it when you’re done.


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