Opus 2

On to my second composition! Its title is ‘Into Winter’, and it will be orchestral and epic music. As its name implies, it will be winter-themed, and since mood is important in thematic music, I expect it to be challenging for a composer who has only a day’s worth of mixing experience. I have no idea how to achieve the kind of ambience I’ll need in a track like this. My second composition calls for some hefty learning.

I’ll need to find free samples of winter sounds, such as sleigh bells and the crunching of snow. Another major problem is the choir; I want to put one in ‘Into Winter’, as I did previously in ‘Onwards’, but as Crystal pointed out, the choir keeps getting drowned out by everything else. I still haven’t mastered the trick of making an instrument sound loud without distorting it.

I know it might be wiser to work on easier pieces until I have more experience (and confidence), but I chose to throw caution to the winds instead. I really want to work on ‘Into Winter’; it’s been bouncing around in my head for months, driving me mad.

So how do I plan to solve my problems? Well, my first composition has taught me the importance of taking advice from other musicians; they know more, and they have done more. So far, I’ve only googled tips and guides, but I think talking directly to real people is likely the most efficient way of getting relevant advice.

I went looking for music forums where I can post questions (and maybe even reply to some later), and I found Future Producers and OverClocked ReMix. I’ve joined both of them, and hopefully the people there won’t find me too bothersome when I ask them for help on virtually everything.

2 thoughts on “Opus 2

  1. Forums are the best way to go! I learned everything I know from being involved in a now debunked singing forum. I still have friends from there, so still get great advice from them, so I hope you have a good experience on these two sites!

    Best atmosphere tips: don’t be afraid to drown your tracks in delays and reverb haha. That’s pretty much how I get any ethereal or eerie atmosphere in my tracks.

    Freesounds.org is a great place for any free sound effects, as well!


    • I’m glad you approve! When I created this website, I was hoping that I would meet a lot of musicians on WordPress.com. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case, although the help and responses you give me here more than make up for it!

      Thank you for the tips regarding atmosphere and sound effects, too. I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but thanking you lately; I hope that one day, I’ll become knowledgeable enough about music to get thanked by others, including you.


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