Opus 1

I’m beginning to realise how hard it is to compose consistently. I’ve been busy and stressed for the past fortnight. Consequently, I’ve neglected my composing.

It’s not that I didn’t have time to compose; I did. But when I’m frustrated with my life, I automatically seek out low-effort activities, such as reading mystery novels. Over the past two weeks, I’ve consumed about ten.

I know that if I’m going to become a good composer, I can’t keep dropping composing every time my life gets difficult. I read a lot of quotes by writers, and many of them stress the importance of creative commitment. Talent is important, but in the end, it’s the artist who perseveres who achieves the most.

As a way of bringing myself back on track, I’ve decided to set a time limit. I thought the best thing about being a hobbyist, as opposed to a respected professional with steady income, was the absence of deadlines. But I can’t be trusted to work without a schedule. If I’m going to get anything done, it’s going to be under pressure.

I’ll finish my first composition by 15th March, Korea Standard Time. That means I’ll upload an audio file to my SoundCloud account. I have just over a week until then, so I’d better not waste any time.

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