Opus 1

I’ve been hard at work. I’m about halfway through the guide to making epic music. The first half wasn’t that difficult to follow, actually. I skimmed the second half, and it seems to be more technical—but it doesn’t look unmanageable.

Since my last post, my composition has expanded to a whopping 13 tracks. It sounds more lush and powerful than it ever has, although it’s still a long way off from perfect. What with all the extra tracks and instruments, running Reaper is really starting to take its toll on my computer now. I regularly hear skipping when I play my music on my DAW.

I think it’s going to be impossible to make my first piece sound excellent on the first try. I simply don’t have the experience and insight necessary to make music sound professional. The melody is solid, though, and that’s the most important thing for me at this stage. Half a year from now, I might return to it to polish it—to make ‘the final version’. I hope to be a more sophisticated composer by then.

2 thoughts on “Opus 1

  1. Eh you’ll never think something you make is perfect in my experience. Best to just get it as good as you possibly can and post it, then like you said go back to it in a year or so and see how much you’ve grown and possibly redo it.


    • The thing is, I want to make a good first impression. I know that very few people know that I exist, but I want to hook the listeners that I manage to get. I don’t want them to listen once and never come back.

      I’m thinking of following the guide to the end before I look for someone to mix and master my music for me. It shouldn’t be long now. I’ll be able to post it a couple of weeks later unless I run into another unexpected obstacle.


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