Opus 1

I saved my composition as a MIDI file and loaded it into Reaper! I have now officially started using Reaper.

Here’s a quick list of everything I learnt today:

  • Reaper is much faster at loading EastWest’s VSTs than Studio One Prime. It might be worth using Reaper for the speed alone.
  • I thought Studio One Prime’s interface was overcomplicated until I began using Reaper. Reaper’s interface is terrifying.
  • Reaper’s interface is also quite ugly.
  • When I saved my composition as a MIDI file, all ASDR tweaks I’d made to its instruments were lost. But when I listened to it again on Reaper, I realised it actually sounded better without the changes. Lesson learnt: ASDR editing isn’t always necessary.
  • Studio One Prime wouldn’t let me listen to anything on it if it wasn’t the active window. So I couldn’t browse the internet and listen at the same time. Reaper lets me do it, though.
  • I’m using the 64-bit version of Reaper (I double-checked), but I can’t load the 64-bit version of EastWest’s PLAY into Reaper. Strange.
  • Reaper’s user guide is over 450 pages long. I wonder if anyone has ever finished reading it? I know I certainly never will.

I also spent some time looking up and following musicians (mainly composers) that I like on Twitter. One of these days, I’ll have to follow people and make playlists on SoundCloud and YouTube as well. I hate setting up new accounts, so I’ll probably procrastinate for a bit before I get round to it.