Opus 1

I found a guide for composers of epic music. It seems to be just what I’m looking for: a step-by-step tutorial which doesn’t try to explain every DAW function that exists. The last thing I need is to feel overwhelmed.

Of course, it’s still a long guide, and at least half of it is jargon to me. It’ll probably take me at least two weeks to fully understand it and even longer to follow it.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my first composition isn’t going to get finished quickly. The only way I’m going to upload anything soon is by uploading a sub-par file which sounds like a bad MIDI from the 90s. Since I refuse to do that, I’ll need to spend a hefty amount of time learning how to polish music.

Besides which, I actually like my composition, and I want to give it the treatment and attention that I think it deserves—even if it makes me want to bang my head against a wall.

I have a confession to make. My two passions are writing fiction and composing, and I went on a composing spree because I desperately wanted to finish something original. I thought writing a novel would take a long time, so I decided to make a 4-or-5 minute track first to give myself a boost of creative self-esteem before slugging my way through my novel.

But the learning curves for DAWs and VSTs are so steep that it turns out that writing a novel might have been faster after all. At least there’s no learning curve to pen and paper.

Ah well. I suppose it’s too late now. I think I’ll migrate my composition from Studio One Professional to Reaper before I make any more changes to it. My one-month trial of my current DAW won’t last long, so it doesn’t make sense to keep using it.

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