Opus 1

My computer can run EastWest’s virtual instruments! It’s alive. He lives!

The loading speed is likely slower than it would’ve been if I’d actually met the minimum hardware requirements, but it works, and my computer isn’t dead or dying. Nothing crashes as long as my DAW is the only program that’s running.

I assumed that once I got EastWest’s VSTs, my music would automatically sound wonderful. Actually, it sounds different, but I have more work to do because new equipment comes with a new set of rules.

As an obvious example, the time I spent tweaking note velocity with my free ex-VST was wasted. I have to edit velocity all over again.

I also have to change the pitches of a lot of the notes. EastWest’s Hollywood Orchestra uses the recordings of real instruments, which means that its instruments have real ranges. My ex-VST was probably computer generated because the notes went insanely high and low. I took liberties with that artificial range that I have to correct now.

I’ve learnt my lesson: VST hopping is a lot of work. From now on, I’ll choose the VST before I start editing.

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