Opus 1

I think I’ve reached the point now where any further editing is useless until I get a decent VST.

I decided to keep most of the changes I mentioned in my last post. Any tinkering that’s left has to wait until I get high-quality virtual instruments. The composition itself is solid (or as good as it’s going to get), but on my current (free) VST, everything sounds artificial and cheap.

I have my eyes set on EastWest’s Hollywood Orchestra, but I’m not sure if my computer can run it. I think I’ll try their Composer Cloud for a month. If my computer runs it and survives, I’ll cancel my subscription and buy Hollywood Orchestra.

I’m beginning to realise—if I didn’t realise it before—that I’m very vain about my creative projects. I want to listen to my music being played on a realistic VST. I want to hire an audio engineer on Fiverr to mix and master my music. I want a logo. And I want an album cover.

Some people try to make money from their music. I seem to be bent on spending money on mine! I actually don’t mind that I’m not profiting from composing. I just need to not get carried away and remind myself that creativity is the most important thing in all forms of art.

2 thoughts on “Opus 1

  1. Haha, all normal things to want to spend money on when you first start (and continue) making music! I have my eyes set on a lot of extra things that I really want, like a midi controller, that I don’t necessarily need but I’ll probably buy anyway because they help stream line the process. Totally agree with you about the cheap free VST sounds! I tried using those and just couldn’t because they sounded so fake. If you want to post your music places then I think album art is a good investment, even if you aren’t selling your music, just a nice visual to have for people.

    I didn’t know Eastwest had a cloud composer now, have to look into that.


    • At the risk of sounding like a saleswoman, EastWest has a collection of outstanding VSTs available for just $30 per month! The collection includes instruments for a wide variety of genres, and you can unsubscribe anytime.

      The downside is that downloading the instruments takes a lot of time. A single library weighs in at about 15 GB. But you only need to download each VST once.

      I tell myself that music is the only important thing in music, but the truth is, album art has never looked so important since I started composing. It’s strange because I don’t even remember the album covers of most of the music that I own! I think I just like making things.


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