Opus 1

I spent almost 4 hours composing and finally filled in all the gaps in my first composition! It now has a beginning, an end, and a middle. I feel talented and energised.

Before I started putting things together on my DAW, I thought that I already had all the pieces and just needed to glue them together. I was both right and wrong. The main melody hasn’t changed, and the overall structure is more or less what I expected it to be. But it turns out that there’s a lot of work which can only be done on a DAW. I didn’t realise how much until I started adding multiple instruments.

Since I started using my DAW, I’ve scrapped a lot of melodies, and I’ve made some new ones, too. I must have thrown away at least 70% of what I originally came up with. You really don’t need a lot to complete a medium-length work.

I think it’s going to take a lot of time for my composition to sound polished. Right now I have exactly 24 bars which I can safely label as ‘finished, or very nearly finished’. That’s not a lot. Everything else needs to be revised, edited, and shined.

On a side note, Studio One Prime is a wonderful program. It hasn’t crashed on me once. No bugs, either. It’s hard to believe that it’s free.

2 thoughts on “Opus 1

  1. I’m noticing too now that I have a piano to play and practice arrangements on, that it doesn’t take very much to make parts of an arrangement. A lot of times it sounds bare just with piano, so filling the piece in with other instruments is something I need to realize has to happen, otherwise I tell myself that whatever I’m planning to make is lackluster. Excited to read about your progress, can’t wait to hear your first composition when you’re done!


    • Thank you for your encouragement! I read your posts about learning to play the piano. Your progress gives me hope that someday I’ll be able to teach myself to play, too. I decided that I should get a keyboard a while ago, but I keep putting it off. Truth be told, it feels like I have too many things I need to practise already, and I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I’m lazy and easily overwhelmed.


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